Kansas City Motherhood Portraits

Recently, I was scrolling through Reels and you know that sound that is like “you have little kids for 4 years”... talk about pulling heart strings. As the mama of a very soon to be 5 year old, my heart hurts. The days seem to pass by so slowly but the years... the years go so fast. There are so many times when we are the ones taking the photo, capturing our kiddos with the dog, the sibling, with dad but not many of those times are just for mom. Yes, there are probably a million selfies. That one angle looking down on our faces smooshed together. 

Let’s change that. Let’s do something just for mom and her babes. I am happy to style you. I have a client closet with beautiful dresses in every size and outfits for your littles to take the stress out of the photo shoot. I will block out a whole hour just for you so we are in no rush if you little one needs to warm up. We don’t have to look at the camera and smile. Smiles are great. I hope we get many but we will also capture that authentic feeling too. 



These sessions will be just in time for Mother’s Day. Sessions will take place in my home studio at 830 Canyon Lane, Lansing, KS 66043.

Find an available time here.

Ask me any questions here or give me a call anytime at 315-529-6885