Welcome to my photography page. I am professional photographer, work at home mom and army wife currently living in Lansing, KS!

A few things you didn't know about me!

1. have three awesome kids! Connor is 9 and enjoys bikes, nerf, Minecraft and all the boy things. Liam is 6. He is  one of the funniest little people I have ever met. Molly is my sweet little baby girl. She was born in April 2017 and has completed our family. 


2. I have lived in five states in the past six years! Missouri, North Carolina, New York, Kansas, Colorado and back to Kansas. (I love the army and it was exciting to move the first couple times...) My husband and I are both originally from Upstate NY. Moving my business every year or two has not been easy but I have met so many awesome people along the way. 

3. I am a creative person. I have a one track mind. If I start doing something it is hard for me to do anything else until it is done or in the works. Sometimes this means dropping everything to knit a hat or bake a pie. It rarely happens that I feel the need to fold laundry or pick up toys.

4. I learned to crochet as a child. I was probably 9 or 10 when my mom taught me to make my first granny squares and zig zag blankets. When I first moved away from home I needed to keep myself busy and chose to crochet all sorts of things and began Yarn Babies Boutique in January of 2012. While this sparked my interested in babies and newborn photography, I rarely sell knits anymore but I do make them for the beautiful babies that come into my studio.