Welcome to my photography page. I am professional photographer, work at home mom and army wife currently living in Amherst, NY.

I feel like people like to know who will be around their families and working with their newborn babies.

A few things you didn't know about me!

1. I have lived in three states in the past three years! New York, Missouri and North Carolina and now back to New York. (I love the army and it was exciting to move the first couple times..)

2. I am a creative person. I have a one track mind. If I start doing something it is hard for me to do anything else until it is done or in the works. Sometimes this means dropping everything to knit a hat or bake a pie. It rarely happens that I feel the need to fold laundry or pick up toys.

3. I learned to crochet as a child. I was probably 9 or 10 when my mom taught me to make my first granny squares and zig zag blankets. When I first moved away from home I needed to keep myself busy and chose to crochet all sorts of things and began Yarn Babies Boutique in January of 2012.

4. I taught myself to knit by watching Youtube. Thank you for your tutorials fellow knitters!

5. I have two of the busiest little boys. They have taught me patience and how to clean even the most creative messes.

6. Most of my college friends have a set of Shelly Selfies (YES, this was before the camera phone.) In college I did not generally have a camera on me but I always found someone's camera and became the photographer of the night.

7. I have a degree in Psychology and Public Justice. I worked for four years as a Victim Support Advocate at a Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Program. While I truly enjoyed the work, traveling with my husband and life changes just took me away from it. My husband lovingly pays my student loans while I am a stay at home mom and entrepreneur.